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The National Casino Forum

The National Casino Forum is a non-profit trade association, which represents all British casinos, making it unique in the gambling industry. Its mission is to ensure casinos provide a safe and enjoyable environment for customers, offering first-class hospitality and helping them gamble responsibly. The customer must always come first.

The NCF works closely with regulators, government, charities and other industry stakeholders. Casinos are an integral part of the modern leisure and entertainment industry, with over 14 million visits a year, and the NCF wants to make the UK the most attractive destination in the world for gaming.

The NCF runs forums to develop and innovate the casino industry. Its members are actively involved with all aspects of casino gaming legislation and regulation, informing policy makers on the current and future growth of the sector.

The NCF promotes modernisation and innovation in the industry, harmonised regulation and a fair tax regime. It encourages social responsibility and diversity amongst operators.

The National Casino Forum is a board member of the European Casino Association and chief executive Tracy Damestani is the Vice-Chair of the ECA; the NCF is a member of the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling and an active participant in the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s advisory group.

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Cammegh was founded in 1989 with the commitment to manufacture, to the highest precision, the world’s finest Roulette Wheels. Since then, our continual growth has been driven by a dedication to inciting, developing and embracing change, whilst maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing. The Cammegh team continue this commitment today, driving innovation in the fields of materials and technology, and upholding the company philosophy as we enter our 30th year.

Cammegh also design and manufacture high quality Billboard Displays and Controllers. The pinnacle of this product is the Billboard Controller itself, which gives customers a single device to run all of Cammegh’s games: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Punto Banco and Sic Bo. The Billboard Controller serves as the hub for any and all of our Display products. Taking live data from wheels, card shoes and other devices, the Billboard Controller delivers beautiful customer facing graphics, which can be customised to meet individual requirements.

The combination of Cammegh’s patented automatic and manual Roulette Wheels and Billboard Displays provides a highly secure and reliable solution for the Roulette table, which can be seen in our impressive market share across live and online casinos all over the world.

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Everi FinTech portfolio is a robust collection of integrated solutions and kiosks that maximise funds to the gaming floor and create premium experiences for patrons and operators alike.. These solutions reduce the risk of fraud, optimise patron accessibility to funds, and help operators comply with the growing burden of regulatory obligations.
Everi Games feature exciting original and licenced brand titles, , innovative hardware platforms, and player engagement features designed to stop patrons in their tracks. Players seek out Everi’s
award-winning games and cabinets and stream into casinos to play its industry-unique TournEvent® solution and TournEvent of Champions®, the premier slot tournament in North America.
Operators use Everi’s Intelligence products to gather a broad range of casino floor and patron behaviour analytics. The company’s deep well of data and decades of experience help operators better understand their business, generate greater market share, and identify how they can create greater patron loyalty.

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Fifty Cats


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Interblock® is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of luxury electronic table gaming products. Its multi-player gaming devices set industry standards and provide the ultimate in luxury interactive entertainment experiences. The Interblock brand is globally recognized for diamond quality gaming solutions and technical support in more than 200 jurisdictions. Interblock’s exclusive collection of fully and semi-automated electronic gaming tables and video gaming solutions provide casinos, arcades and gambling halls with superior product performance and their guests with an unforgettable gaming experience.

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The NOVOMATIC Group is one of the biggest international producers and operators of gaming technologies and employs more than 30,000 staff worldwide. Founded by entrepreneur Professor Johann F. Graf in 1980, the Group has locations in more than 50 countries and exports high-tech electronic gaming equipment and solutions to more than 70 countries. The Group operates around 255,000 gaming terminals and video lottery terminals (VLTs) in its some 2,100 plus gaming operations as well as via rental concepts.

Through its numerous international subsidiaries, the NOVOMATIC Group is fully active in all segments of the gaming industry and thus offers a diversified Omni-channel product portfolio to its partners and clients around the world. This product range includes land based gaming products and services, management systems and cash management, online/mobile and social gaming solutions as well as lottery and sports betting solutions together with a range of sophisticated ancillary products and services.

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Passport Technology

Passport Technology, Inc. is a leading developer of payments services and solutions for the highly-regulated gaming industry. Primarily focused on the UK, EU, and Canadian gaming markets, Passport Technology’s portfolio includes attended payment kiosks, cash access systems, server and web-based analytic technology, agnostic application management systems, and interactive content and services. In addition to innovating in the gaming payment space, Passport Technology continues to be an avid supporter of responsible gaming, integrating easy-to-use guest tools directly into their products, and continuously working with international organisations to promote a responsible gaming message. Passport Technology is recognized as the winner of the Global Regulatory Awards 2018 and 2019 Compliance Payment Service or Solution Provider of the Year.

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TCSJOHNHUXLEY is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of end-to-end live gaming solutions and services. With an emphasis on leading edge technology, the product portfolio underpins the company’s commitment to business partnerships, innovation and growth.

World renowned core products include Chipper Champ chip sorting machines and the most comprehensive range of reliably random and secure Roulette Wheels that have become industry benchmarks.  A commitment to innovation through research and development has seen TCSJOHNHUXLEY transforming its traditional portfolio into enabling technology devices that bring major benefits to their customers. The company’s focus remains on growing their Product Development teams to power innovation and provide customers with the best live gaming solutions available.

With strategically based offices all over the world to provide personal service, after-sales service and technical support, TCSJOHNHUXLEY is actively committed to delivering customer focused innovative solutions.

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CHIPS Charity

CHIPS is a unique charity which was formed by the gaming industry and which encapsulates many of its stand-out characteristics. Since its formation, in summer 2001 the charity has raised over £2m thanks to the wonderful generosity of its corporate supporters.

Linda Linsay, co-founder of CHIPS, said: ‘Despite all of the presentations that I have made over the years, it never fails to move me when I witness the life-changing impact that one of our powered wheelchairs has, not only on the individual recipient but on the family unit as a whole, comprising parents, carers, grandparents and siblings. The sad reality is that the demand for powered wheelchairs will always exceed our ability to supply them but with the help of the industry we can help to close that gap. On behalf of CHIPS and our Trustees I am delighted to support these Awards which showcase the very positive nature of the industry.”

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European Casino Association

The ECA represents licensed land-based casinos in Europe, with 28 members and over 70,000 direct employees supporting local economies across Europe. It has members from nearly all EU Member States, as well as non-EU countries. The main purpose and objective of the ECA is to address and promote issues related to casinos and the wider gambling industry, as well as promote the positive contribution of the industry. For more on the ECA please head to:

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